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Julie Grove

Physical Therapist – Owner

Masters in Physical Therapy (MPT)


Phone: (206) 925-3762

“When a trauma, virus, autoimmune disorder attacks the inner ear, your world will be turned upside down, literally, but treatment is available when a team approach is utilized for diagnostics, management, and rehabilitation.”


My Personal Story

Julie graduated with her Masters in Physical Therapy from California State University Fresno in 1997.  Since 1999, Julie has practiced in the specialized field of vestibular and balance rehabilitation, an area of physical therapy she is deeply passionate about. She has extensive training and experience in this field, exclusively treating patients with dizziness, vertigo, disequilibrium, and fall risk for over two decades.

Julie completed the Herdman Vestibular Competency course in 2002, considered the “gold standard” of vestibular excellence in the balance community. In addition, she successfully completed the Vestibular Function Test Interpretation and Application to Rehabilitation in July 2004. She has continued her pursuit of understanding the neuroanatomy and neurophysiology of the central and vestibular systems by attending national conferences, regional case study rounds, and reviewing literature. Currently, Julie serves on the Vestibular Special Interest group committee for developing the “Clinical Practice Guidelines on Peripheral Vestibular Hypofunction.”

In addition to starting three regional balance programs, Julie also helped initiate a local support group for those suffering from dizziness. She has instructed students of physical therapy, audiology, and occupational therapy as well as various physician groups in the core aspects of vestibular rehabilitation.  Julie enjoys “cutting edge” vestibular and balance research and recently participated in the BrainPort clinical trials as principal investigator.

“Patients need to understand that their seemingly unusual symptoms of blurred vision, fatigue, elevated fight/flight sensations, and dizziness are all part of the expected symptoms of the invisible problem that can be a vestibular or central dysfunction.”

In her spare time, Julie enjoys recreating outside be it kayaking in the San Juan Islands, jogging Seward Park, waterskiing, playing touch rugby, snow skiing, or walking. She has coached kids athletics as well as “Girls on the Run” and is a member of Feet First, a Seattle based pedestrian safety advocacy group. She would love to see more kids walking and biking outdoors safely!

Associations & Memberships

American Physical Therapy

  • Association Neurology Sections
  • Vestibular Special Interest Group
  • Balance and Falls Special Interest Group

Vestibular Disorders Association