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Clinic Resources

Here are some interesting resources for patients and providers. Please check back often for updates. Additionally, the blog on this website has information about a variety of topics related to vestibular disorders, balance, fall prevention and health.

The American Physical Therapy Association is the national professional organization for PTs. The website contains a significant amount of information for the consumer. It is also a good way to find providers throughout the country.

The Vestibular Disorders Association provides information and resources for both patients and providers. If you or a family member has a vestibular problem, this website can be very valuable. There is also a list of providers who specialize in treating vestibular disorders.

Chicago Dizziness and Balance is the practice for Dr. Timothy Hain, a leading researcher and physician focused on treating dizziness and vestibular problems. Dr. Hain’s website has videos, educational materials and artwork related to vestibular problems. This is a great resource for providers and patients.

Postural Restoration Institute is a paradigm for treating complex orthopedic and neurologic problems. The ideas from the PRI approach are used extensively for complex problems that need a whole-system integrated approach to get optimal outcomes.