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How much is too much?

For patients participating in vestibular rehab, there is often a fine line between working aggressively on your exercises to facilitate recovery and overdoing it (and paying for it). Figuring out what is just enough, but not too much is as … Continue reading

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Vestibular problems, including concussions and coping

I’ve included a link to an ESPN video clip about a baseball player who is recovering from a concussion.  I like this clip because it highlights many of the problems and challenges facing people recovering from vestibular disorders. 1) Depression … Continue reading

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Balance Awareness Month

September is the 15th Annual Balance Awareness Month sponsored by the Vestibular Disorders Association.  To celebrate and honor the work that VEDA does, Cascade Dizziness and Balance PT is offering FREE balance screens for the month of September. No referral … Continue reading

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Exercise and osteoarthritis

So arthritis is not topic that is specifically related to dizziness and balance disorders, but joint pain, stiffness and deconditioning all impact your balance.  The link below highlights how important exercise is, no matter what. http://www.apta.org/PTinMotion/NewsNow/2011/8/30/Arthritis/ To quickly summarize: arthritis … Continue reading

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