Here are some interesting resources for patients and providers. Please check back often for updates. Additionally, the blog on this website has information about a variety of topics related to vestibular disorders, balance, fall prevention and health.

The American Physical Therapy Association is the national professional organization for PTs. The website contains a significant amount of information for the consumer. It is also a good way to find providers throughout the country.

The Vestibular Disorders Association provides information and resources for both patients and providers. If you or a family member has a vestibular problem, this website can be very valuable. There is also a list of providers who specialize in treating vestibular disorders.

Chicago Dizziness and Balance is the practice for Dr. Timothy Hain, a leading researcher and physician focused on treating dizziness and vestibular problems. Dr. Hain’s website has videos, educational materials and artwork related to vestibular problems. This is a great resource for providers and patients.

Oregon Health Sciences University Parkinson’s Center is doing great research into the treatment and management of Parkinson’s disease. Recent studies have highlighted programs they developed for preventing falls and maintaining functional in patients with PD. Lisa was fortunate to take a course from the leading researchers in this area in March 2011.