Myra Emami, PT, NCS

Myra Emami is a graduate of the University of Washington and has been practicing physical therapy for over 15 years.  She specializes in vestibular rehabilitation and balance/fall prevention and obtained her Herdman Certification in Vestibular Competency in 2012. Her passion in vestibular rehab started after a personal experience with dizziness and vertigo, which helps her understand what her patients are going through.  “When patients talk about their dizziness, I can relate to how they feel. It’s important for patients to understand they can get better with the right strategy.”  Myra utilizes the latest evidence-based research in vestibular rehab in order to develop effective treatment strategies.

Myra also specializes in neurological disorders such as strokes and Parkinson’s Disease and obtained her APTA Neurological Clinical Specialist Certification in 2013. In her clinical practice, she applies her neurological background to emphasize the concept of neuroplasticity: The brain’s remarkable ability to change and build new connections to improve function.  “Neuroplasticity has far-reaching implications and amazing possibilities for almost every aspect of human life including balance disorders, movement dysfunction, and for reducing symptoms such as dizziness.” She believes in a holistic healing approach delivered with care and compassion, with a focus on education and self-empowerment.

Her accomplishments include the development of an acoustic neuroma post-surgical inpatient physical therapy protocol and Return-to-Play concussion protocol to facilitate safe return of young athletes to sports after a concussion. She organized and leads a multi-campus vestibular study group. She also completed her first half marathon in 2016.

Outside of work, Myra enjoys hiking with her husband and two dogs, travelling, paddle boarding, gardening, cooking, yoga, running in Seward Park and learning how to optimize one’s health through nutrition.


APTA Neurological Clinical Specialist Certification

Herdman Certification for Vestibular Competency

Parkinsons LSVT BIG Certification and Parkinson’s Wellness Recovery Training