Our clinic

View from the office

A view of Mt. Rainier and Lake Washington from our office in Leschi

Cascade Dizziness and Balance PT offers a unique and peaceful space for working on balance, dizziness and gait problems.
The clinic features:

  • A special multi-surface area for creating unique balance training opportunities
  • A safety harness for preventing falls while increasing the challenge of our balance training programs
  • A quiet and relaxing environment on the shores of Lake Washington
  • FREE parking available
Balance Park

The Balance Park

Our Balance Park was designed to provide a unique opportunity to challenge our patients with different surfaces, inclines and textures.  We incorporated some of the natural features of the Northwest (yes, those are real logs!) to create a part of the clinic that mimics our outdoor parks (minus the rain).



120 Lakeside Ave, Suite 210, Seattle, WA 98122

We are located in the Leschi Lakecenter Building.